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"Clara's Cello Talk" Season 2
Broadcast: 18 Jul - 10 Oct 2019
"Clara's Cello Talk" Season 2 on how to play cello, a total of 13 episodes will give your more insights on how to play the cello well.

If you want to know how to overcome technical bottlenecks, please feel free to click the right image to view the videos and leave me a message.






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Clara's Cello Talk Season 1
Broadcast: 7 Jun - 6 Sep 2018
Whether you are fresh beginners or learners of some time, Clara will show you how you can brush up your skills on playing cello from the basics.
"Clara's Cello Talk" Season 1 (total 14 episodes) is available on YouTube now.  You are welcome to send me messages on your enquiries and comments.





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