Forever Red Project


Cellist Clara Tsang initiated the "Forever Red Project" (FRP) in view to inspire the audience about life through music with this energetic and exciting character of red.  


FRP started with two solo recitals by Ms Tsang in 2012.  In the following years, FRP presented various annual performances which were not limited to Cello music.  Experimental jamming between jazz and classical music, and dance performance and martial art Wing Chun presentation on stage with cello with provoking themes were some of the examples which received many positive responses.  Also, apart from working with local and international musicians, FRP performances had reached out to non-local and international audience such as from Shanghai, Taiwan and USA, to the world of music through the generous support of NGOs and overseas organisations.

In 2018, FRP kicked off a new project to produce a CD with music presented by Ms Tsang under the theme of "Just Meet You" to celebrate the wonderful encountering amongst new and old acquaintances.  A concert under the same name "Just Meet You" was also held in early 2019.  We look forward to continue to engage more audience with more exciting music collaborations and media channels in Hong Kong and overseas.