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Clara Tsang in Carnegie Hall Performing miraculous life
曾鳳登卡內基 演奏神奇人生


Interview 訪問

Newspaper 報紙

Reporter 記者:許振輝

World Journal (Chinese) 美國世界新聞網

Clara Tsang held her recital "Miraculous Life" in Carnegie Hall Weill Recital Hall on 18 Mar. She played pieces from Sergei Rachmaninoff and Cesar Franck which captivated her audience.

曾鳳 18日在卡內基威爾音樂廳 舉行名為「神奇人生」的獨奏會 ,演奏作曲家赫曼尼諾夫及法朗克的作品,扣人心弦,令樂迷印象深刻。

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