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What's behind - Songs My Mother Taught Me


Songs my mother taught me

14 May 2014

Last Sunday, May 11, 2014 I performed in a recital for the Shen Shu Yi Charity Foundation.  The heavy rainstorm (red signal alert) did not dampen the audience's enthusiasm.  Admist the thunderous applause from the cheering crowd,  I look to the expressions coming from the innermost being of each and everyone.  In that moment, I was curious what everyone heard and felt as we shared the same space and time with music.  Was it a delightful evening gathering to most or do people sense the deeper significance behind this performance?  I hope we all learn to cherish the simple getting along of our everyday and not miss the chance to do, say, and love the things we strive for.  Every mother wishes to see her child/ children treasure and value oneself/ themselves.  This love is universal and goes beyond life and death.  



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