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Do you have your Centre Line to live a right life?

When Cello meets Wing Chun, Unleash the power of one thought



Wing Chun is all about training of the “Siu Nim Tao” (Little Thoughts). Once you find the right Thought with your “Center Line”, your life will be right.   Physically, it refers to a line vertically drawn from the top of the head to the end of backbone and it leads to all movements and thoughts in mind.

But everyone also has another Centre Line – the direction in life, a principle for living.  This Line will determine the end of all matters being right or wrong and successful or failed because it is from where all actions are derived.  It is only when we hold fast to it will we be able to make the right decision in any situation.


This multimedia concert, “The Moment” is about “Thought”,  presented by Cellist Ms Clara Tsang and Wing Chun Master Lui Ming-fai of Foshan Lingnan Tiandi Wing Chun Hall.  They will demonstrate the power of a single thought and introduce you to the encouraging stories about the right “Thoughts” gathered from “One Person – One Thought” Campaign.


Where is your Centre Line?  Have you ever tried to find it?




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